There are several factors to take into account when considering edge profiles for your countertop. First is style. The type of edge profile should match the style of your project. For modern and contemporary decors, Straight or Quarter Bevel edges are ideal because they provide clean lines and sharp angles, which are concomitant with these design schemes. For modern vanity granite tops in master bathrooms Quarter Round can also provide a stylish look.

More intricate edges like Cove Bullnose, Cove Ogee, or Cove DuPont will compliment the look of a Traditional setting because of their regal appearance. Traditional kitchens are known for eye-catching architectural and decorative features that are both elegant and distinguished. Elements such as chandeliers, crown molding and extravagant overhangs will all be flattered by the curved natures of the aforementioned edge profiles on all traditional countertop colors.

Another component to take into consideration is the function of the space. Simple, rounded edges, such as Quarter Round, Half Bullnose and Full Bullnose will be better suited in high-traffic areas more so than edge profiles with radical angles.